Cannes Film Festival

In May 2022 I attended the Cannes Film Festival to meet fellow industry professionals. It was very inspiring to meet so many people that love making films, as I am preparing to make my own next. I also co-represented a production company from New York (LBYL films), led by director and producer Salim Khassa. His upcoming feature film Warriors of Stone is about the effects of war on children in Yemen. The film is currently in pre-production and will be filmed in Abu Dhabi & New York.

If you’re attending next year and need an assistant/travel buddy, definitely give me a heads-up for the next Marche Du Film.

Link to my IMDB | Link to Warriors of Stone on IMDB

The film market in Cannes
Sam in Cannes!
Source: Wikipedia
Preparing for the film market and premieres.
Me and the inspiring Salim Khassa, the director of Warrior of Stone.