Samantha Haitsma screenwriter / actress

Historical, thriller, sci-fi & improv comedy (NL-EN)

Samantha Haitsma

Samantha Haitsma is a Dutch-English screenwriter & actress. Best known for her role as Anne Boleyn in A Royal Love, and the movies Injurious Nightmare and The Confrontation. She got nominated twice as best actress and completed her postgraduate in 2021 at the Film Actors Academy Amsterdam. She has several behind the scenes credits. And experience as a videographer and writing coach as well, as she’s preparing to make her own films next.

She’s currently working on her first feature and a TV-pilot. Loves genres such as historical, thriller and science fiction. And describes her style as dark, surreal, with a touch of comedy. She enjoys writing about strong female leads and social themes; and wishes to make an impact with her stories beyond the page. She’s also teaming up with filmmakers for international projects with an important message, such as Warriors of Stone from Salim Khassa about the children affected by the war in Yemen.

She’s always open to new collaborations, feel free to reach out for more information.

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